Mother, wife, dental hygienist, local animal shelter activist,
and oh yes-embroidery enthusiast!
                             favorite color:    Green
                             favorite movie:  Steel Magnolias
                             favorite flower:   Peony (Shelby Pink of course!)
                             favorite food:     Anything Italiano!
                             favorite quote:   "Quality, Time, Price-                                                                 Pick 2! "                                                
Little Bug Embroidery was named after my daughter. 
I began calling her "little bug" shortly after she was born. 
I think I got the nickname from my grandmother,
she always called me "little one,"
--that is when she wasn't calling me "damn-it Shelly!"
My life is  full of an amazing, supportive family, lovely friendships, loving animals and now, 
 beautiful gifts! 
 I can't wait to make something for you or a gift for someone you love.
Thank you for shopping Little Bug Embroidery!
Little Bug Embroidery took 1st Place at the
Southern Woman's Show
in Richmond! 
M2 and Marigold,
In loving memory of Mari-jo Goldberg, our beagle!
Bizarre Bazaar
Richmond, Va
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