LBE is pleased to offer Birch Wood Monograms.  Monograms are laser cut with smooth edges ready for you to paint what ever color you desire- or leave plain!

Whether you attach to a wreath, hang on the wall, or place on your table as a centerpiece- they are awesome!  Please send pictures of your designs and uses!

They make a great wedding gift

- OR a great chapel door embellishment!

Please indicate letters for monograms in "special instructions" on the cart page.  3 letter Monograms would be indicated gRh for Gloria and Harold Rosschild.   If you would like 2 letters and an ampersand, please indicate by G&H.   If you would like a design not shown, please email me at and we can work on your special design together. 

NEW! Now available with a frame around the monogram , there is a 15% upcharge.

Please see details below regarding shipping for Wood Monograms. 

Wood Monogram Options

Due to the nature of the postal service, an estimate is provided for  shipping.

  Combined wood monogrammed orders will receive a discount for shipping.  

 Please be advised there is a $30.00 oversized shipping fee in addition to regular shipping charge for monograms exceeding 18"  added from manufacturer, not LBE.  This fee will not show up in cart automatically, it will be added to your quote sent in a private email, if not chosen in tab below. 

Your credit card will not be charged until you approve the shipping quote for your wood monogram order.   The quote will be sent to you in a private email.   Upon checkout, you will see a shipping fee assessed - it is only an estimate on this website.  It could be more or less, please allow LBE to secure an accurate quote directly from the manufacturer. 

Expedited wood monograms are available for a $25.00 fee, also charged by manufacturer, not LBE. 

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